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Ministry Partners

Turn2God Ministries partner with many other initiatives to proclaim the message of turning back to God. These are a few of our partners, please support them whenever you find yourself in their vicinity. 



SACLI (South African Christian Leadership Initiative) exists to network and amplify the voices of Christian leaders from all sectors of society.

Unashamedly Ethical

Unashamedly Ethical is a campaign promoting ethics, values and clean living. We facilitate the forming of local Unashamedly Ethical communities all over the world. Our founder and chairman is South African businessman Graham Power. ...


Tebelo (care and hope) is a program within Turn2God Ministries for Child Care Villages for vulnerable and parentless children. ...


Kruiskyk TV is 'n Christelike TV-kanaal wat aanlyn en via sateliet uitsaai. ...

Jericho Walls International Prayer Network

Jericho Walls is an interdenominational Christian prayer ministry that is committed to building a strong, broad-based prayer network to support the Church to fulfil its calling as a “house of prayer for the nations”....


Womens Initiative. Hope transforms a nation ...